Santa Monica’s Milo SRO Pizzeria will be closed in October due to staff shortages

Restaurant staffing was a struggle long before 2020, but it got even more difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the case of Milo SRO in Santa Monica, Milo and Olive’s two-year sister restaurant, finding key kitchen staff to keep the pizzeria running has been so difficult that the last day will be October 10th.

According to Milo SRO’s Instagram page, the decision to close was a complicated one. It’s not just about finding enough employees, it’s about fighting burnout while keeping employees healthy and safe. “In order to run this place as well thought out and to the full as we wanted it to be, we honestly needed more staff. This is also an industry where burnout is rampant and the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees is so incredibly important to us. We will be relocating all of our dedicated staff to Milo and Olive, which provides a much-needed relief. “

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