Teachers are architects of a good nation: Intach Convenor SVS Lakshminarayana | Amaravati news

GUNTUR: In saying that the teacher plays a very important role in a person’s education, SVS Lakshminarayana, district leader of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (Intach), observed that teachers are, in fact, architects of the nation. He said that the teachers would carve out precious stones and jewels from the raw material.
At the Teachers Day celebrations held in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan on Sunday, Lakshminarayana said that teachers are the most inspiring factors for very successful leaders around the world. He said teachers always had a special place in a student’s life as they selflessly worked to improve their ward. “The great teachers are always satisfied with the success of their ward. Teachers will be the happiest people in the world when their students get better heights than them, ”said Lakshminarayana.
He urged teachers to take a proactive role in building a good nation. He said the teacher’s responsibility would not end with the school closes or his class graduating. He said teachers play a bigger role in motivating the children and getting them to think about society, the people in their neighborhood and their nation. He said teachers shouldn’t make students self-centered and pure careerists. “A student’s success does not depend on their position in the career. Your commitment to society and the country is just as important as your career development, ”said SVS Lakshminarayana.
Former director of Hindu College, Dr. DN Deexit, explained the importance of the role of a teacher in a student’s life. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan General Secretary P. Ramachandra Raju, Director NVS Santharao, Red Cross Treasurer of Guntur District, Ravi Srinivas, congratulated Dr. DN Deexit and the school teachers on the occasion.

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